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Windows Explorer restarts over and over

Explorer.exe keeps crashing a folder is causing it

explorer.exe crashes at startup

Vista explorer Keeps restarting

Videos folder crashes Windows Explorer upon opening

explorer.exe restarts again and again.

Windows Explorer strange behavior

Windows Explorer Error.

Windows Explorer in Vista

Intermittent 'Explorer.exe' Errors[moved from xp]

Windows Explorer Problem?

IE crashing when previewing a file.

W7: Windows explorer crashing

Windows Explorer keeps crashing when viewing AVI files on computer

Explorer.exe keeps closeing and opening.

Windows Explorer Stop 'APPCRASH'

Computer freezes quite often when opening explorer windows.

Folder crashes then wont select thumbnails or close folder.

Windows Explorer gdiplus.dll

help please with explorer hanging

Windows Explorer continuously shuts down & restarts

Windows Explorer running full tilt 99%CPU

Explorer crashes all the time

problem with windows explorer

Windows Explorer will not open

Did explorer crash?

Constant Windows Explorer crashes

Explorer.exe crashes continuously. Haven't found a straight solution yet.

Explorer.exe keeps restarting >_<

Problems in Windows Explorer

windows explorer

problems with Windows explorer on windows 7

Windows explorer error due to .mkv

Can't open control panel in vista. Windows explorer has stopped working message

please help slow internet and now explorer.exe not running properly keeps turning off

Explorer Unresponsive

How can I make explorer auto-close open windows for folders that no longer e

Explorer.exe crashes continuously during startup

Windows Explorer Help

Strange error on startup wnidows explorer is not responding

Windows explorer keeps restarting.

Desktop slow to boot and Windows Explorer file management tool is very slow

Help ! Windows explorer stops working

Windows Explorer not working when i open anything

Windows Explorer hangs up

Windows explorer closes whenever I open my ipod

win explorer freezing & crashing

Moved from IE: re:start programs

atimcenc.dll keeps crashing explorer.

windows explorer keeps restating

Windows crash with "open with"

WinXP explorer window freezes when accessing Win2000

Windows Explorer problem ( i think)

Explorer keep crashing and restarting [HELP]

Windows Explorer doesn't work

Windows Explorer keeps crashing.

Windows Vista (64-bit) Window explorer problems!

Windows Explorer won't open.

Windows Explorer Restarts repeatedly

Windows explorer freezes

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