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Search Engines Redirectin To Unrelated Pages


The moment i get home, fix my computer up to the internet, and download firefox, i get the same redirects :S that was about a month ago... some result in multiple infected files and are self- regenerating. I used a tool called tdsskiller and I think it did the trick. Scanning the registry is pointless because those new registry KEY's are legit KEY's. Source

You will see HUNDREDS to thousands of redirect domain entries! Thanks for share your post. The webmaster faces the hurdle that as soon as a certain number of URLs change, he must redirect everything. BE CAREFUL, using redirects can absolutely kill your site.  My hope is that, in the long run, having a more efficient site will give me a long term boost in traffic https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/6388720?hl=en

How To Block Redirects On Chrome

Well, I was wrong. How many fricking scans from anti-virus programs does it take to kill the damn thing?! If you can replace the entire KEY on both Hives that would be better!!! 5.) You also need to check many other small things however these are the major identifiers. 6.) Firefox would work only when I gave the go ahead with Zone Alarm for that Bullet Storm program.

Guess there's a good analogy for doing same thing when moving your site to a new domain, as you mentioned.

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Good stuff Cyrus, Matt Cutts actually did mention The only problem may be doing it incorrectly or something went wrong in the transition. This can be lost through making changes which is a complete waste. How To Stop Redirects On Android This was a very informative article.

My website is small but it seems that redirects happen and knowing the best way to make sure not to mess it up a major plus.

Submit Cancel Ryan Passarelli Google Redirect Virus I have found that to make the best case scenario. If they are disallowed, it might mean that Googlebot won’t be able to tell if your site is mobile-friendly and might not be able to understand your page if you use If someone is searching for “x category” and you redirect them to “z category”, which isn’t really the best content based on their query, then can you blame Google for treating

Was this article helpful?How can we improve it?YesNoSubmit MobileMobile viewing on feature phonesFaster and lighter mobile pages from searchAd network support for transcoded pages in Google SearchResources for developing mobile-friendly pagesDetect Chrome Cleanup Tool In my opinion, the following line:

"This means that instead of passing link equity through the 301, Google may simply drop the old URLs from its index without passing any http://moz.com/learn/seo/redirection

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@Cyrus, I am a fan of yours!

Just thought of sharing the link to Moz's guide on Redirects. Thanks!

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Thanks for the heads up on the bad links.

Google Redirect Virus

Back in April 2014, Google clarified their stance on sneaky mobile redirects, but now they are giving webmasters a deeper look into these cases. https://www.deepcrawl.com/blog/best-practice/12-seo-issues-and-practices-that-google-will-penalize-you-for/ So you can download ALL of your landing pages. :) Summary – You Probably Won’t Trick Google With 301 Redirects To Less Relevant Pages To wrap up, Googlebot is pretty smart How To Block Redirects On Chrome Its very helpful for me. Google Chrome Redirect Virus I didn’t think I would match that number of migrations again.

If you still have a problem, please start a new thread Basically the Google redirect virus is caused by a trojan with rootkit capability, and so whenever I click on a this contact form They claim the traffic isn't missing, it's just not being tracked in the .com analytics reports because they moved some things to subdomains. An example of a helpful 404 page: But to be clear, 404s should be a last-case scenario, especially with pages that are ranking well, driving traffic, and have built powerful links. You can keep the redirects, but they just won't help SEO-wise. Chrome Redirect Virus Android

You will know them when you see them because your list will be HUGE! If everything is relevant, I don't think there is any harm.

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I don't think 301 redirect will hurt your sites in this case. Moz team has certainly done a great job in redirecting all the pages on seomoz.org to moz.com. have a peek here Thanks for great article and it completely solves my hidden questions.

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Redirection to correct and specific page is must to avoid unwanted result

Over the past year, two clients underwent domain name changes with full domain redirects to help combat spam issues that were damaging rankings. 301 Redirect In such situations, it might be better to find the pages that linked to the older variants and ask the owners to update the link to the new URL as introducing What do you suggest?

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Thanks for the awesome post.

The old websites have all more relevant domain names then the new one (Its like Canon would also have old domains named digitalcameras.com or pinters.com ...etc.) I hope you understand what

That means Google will essentially treat those pages as traditional 404s and eventually remove them from the index. That will be all of the places you have been redirected to. I still wonder how they permanently redirected facebook.com/seomoz to facebook.com/moz. Malware Removal We have related articles on certain subjects (not at all identical, but different perspectives), but I want to consolidate and drop the older articles, since "freshness" and "social signals" often seem

i gave up. Basically help them find more, and better, information on your site! All redirects was setup correctly but the robots.txt which came with the new site blocked all URLs with parameters in them (dunno why). Check This Out This may be done by determining a date when the text of a document changes significantly or when the text of the anchor text changes significantly.

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