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Hard Drive stays on - something has hijacked it?

Can't open my drive (C:) in My Computer

my computers running slow and i cant find any bugs this is my hijack somebody help

My Computer Is Ridiculousy Slow. Help!

Dell computer randomly plays music

My computer maybe compromised.

antivirus action hijacked my computer

System Security has taken over my system

Slow computer turned itself off

my computer wont download any exe. folders

My Computer Shortcut calls Windows Installer

I have 4 Icon in my Computer?

PC has been comprimised

My computer has been Hijacked

Cannot access My Computer

My computer all the sudden starts playing the audio of a tv show randomly

my computer makes it to the login page after that takes me back to login page

My Laptop is being hacked.

My computer Is alittle slow.

Need help re-gaining control of my laptop.

Computer totally taken over

My computer is running unbelievably slow

Computer freezes. I have a "workaround

My computer.

Problem using playing online songs on XP

can somebody please help me figure out what is wrong with my computer?

My computer seems to spread death to whatever it touches. I'm afraid I'm next!

What is wrong with my computer?

Possible Trojan or Hacker? Please Help!

Computer is slow.hangs for a long time when opening my computer icon

my computer keep shuting down

My computer is very sluggish does not respond well.

Slow opening of folders in WIN XP2

I would appreciate some help I recently found 72 Trojans on my computer

HELP! - My Computer Has Been Takenover!

Heres My Hijack Log.get back to me when you can

Can you please check my computer's logs?

My computer is getting out of control.

my computer keep asking for solutioncenter to intall.

My Computer is sick :(

My computer constantly needs updating

My computer is a mess. Need Help

Computer is under Attack - Need Help FAST

My computer has gotten slow. Please check my hijack this

My computer is Hijacked

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