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Responsive. 100% Free. I don't think the JavaScript technique works very well. Do they have 20 half-read books lying open around their house at the same time? Because users are no longer browsing a website, they shouldn't be given a browser UI. http://osuweb.net/internet-explorer/problem-opening-certain-links-in-ie-6.php

The situation is not better with experienced users. For those, one peace of advice of someone that is not a web designer, its not your decision to make, it should always be the user choice. In fact, I've gotten into the habit of right clicking and choosing to open anything in Smashing, etc. A lot of hipster designers saying they're "UX" experts are messing up common knowledge by rewriting the book without consider A LOT of shit, lol. 1 6 Xavier July 1, 2008

Internet Explorer 11 Links Not Working

Visitors to the sites with heavy linking are more willing to have links opened in new windows then open dozens of links in new windows manually. Unfortunately, not every single browser allows users to do that. I hardly ever left click on links always middle click to open in tabs. This is my most irritating thing about the internet second only to adverts 2 55 Revital Salomon July 1, 2008 8:38 am Interesting point, but as a user - I tend

I also group windows according to subject (sometimes). 2) Didn't know about the middle button trick (I'm a Firefox user)- love it - no more right click for me. 3) I However, I realize that this can potentially confuse some people, so I've abandoned the process more recently. And KompoZer users can do the same thing with the help of How to Insert HTML in KompoZer. Can't Open Links In Internet Explorer We'll leave when to use the target attribute up to you, as everybody and their mother has an opinion on that.

Gotta be flexible sometimes. They only know that they like it. Why? http://support.postbox-inc.com/hc/en-us/articles/202198810-Links-not-opening-in-the-browser-or-two-windows-opening-on-click My website (www.taddmencer.com) has all internal links staying internal and all external opening in new windows.

I remember mid-90s when all websites had crazy animated GIFs. Internet Explorer 11 Will Not Open Links Windows 7 Shame on you for writing such an absurd article, and shame on all the sheep here who are praising you for it. -3 22 Vitaly Friedman & Sven Lennartz July 1, You just have more of a need to control what your client wants. Please do not reproduce or distribute this article in whole or part, in any form.

Internet Explorer 11 Won't Open Links

Cheers! https://www.timeatlas.com/outlook-hyperlinks-fail-to-work/ If they want a new window, they’ll ask for one. Internet Explorer 11 Links Not Working Unfortunately that means it's not a real click event anymore and we can't open the link in a new tab. Windows 10 Links Not Working On my site, clicks AWAY from my site open in new tabs and clicks within my site open in the same tab.

Citing that folks like Schneiderman and Mandel say users should be in control doesn't suffice, because you don't equate the problem of links opening in new windows to a lack of http://osuweb.net/internet-explorer/ie9-cant-access-links-or-buttons-within-page.php In such case it is reasonable to let the user know upfront how the links will be opened. Clean. Designers can provide users with a small check-box that "decides" how the links should be opened. Can't Open Internet Explorer Windows 7

However, you need to make sure that the link is unlikely to be misunderstood. I generally use both Safari and Firefox. What I dislike is when a hyperlink in Outlook doesn’t work and I get some error or no action. get redirected here I agree with Jay.

Excellent read. Internet Explorer Not Opening In Windows 7 Get more free tips and articles like this, on web design, promotion, revenue and scripting, from https://www.thesitewizard.com/. These options are implemented in all modern browsers; older browsers may have problems with the second and third options, though.

I don't know what users you know but those I work with all expect new windows for new web pages.

I agree with Tom Sieron: users can't be bothered to customise the behaviour of the page. I always want to know should I do new windows link or not. If these steps don't help, it's recommended to reinstall ThunderBrowse, change a preference, and then uninstall it again. Unable To Open Internet Explorer In Windows 7 Now a days we all say "a slew of animated GIF are distracting and unnecessary" but then it was expected by users to see those and everyone wanted it.

I also do that when I read an interesting article. All users who fail to set their preference are guilty of being bad users, and should have their birthday privileges revoked. Please link to us. http://osuweb.net/internet-explorer/ie7-shrinks-page-with-every-click-on-links.php I open the external link for later browsing, or just to check it out and get back to the main article. 2 56 dzw July 1, 2008 8:38 am exactly hermitcrab

More information » Facebook Google or Remember Me Forgot password? Once the box is checked all links will be opened in a new tab / window. Now, don't misunderstand me; I'm not a major proponent of new-window links. In this case, he recommends using a pop-up windows without browser control toolbar.

Your site just happen to complete that task, which is probably how they found it in the first place. Should Links Open In New Windows? Allow users to select how the links should be opened on a given web-site. Note that if you don't use target="_blank" on a link, and link to something not on CodePen, the link will simply fail due to our sandboxing and cross-origin security.

It's a well known, tried and tested web app approach. This is an erroneous assumption. Even people who surf around some have no idea. Subscribe Powered by ConvertKit Filed Under: Email, Quick Tips ©2017 · Productivity Portfolio | PO BOX 117361 Burlingame, CA 94011 CodePen Pens Posts Collections Jobs Blog Docs Podcast Meetups Menu +

Similarly, BlueGriffon users can follow the instructions given in How to Insert HTML Code in BlueGriffon to access the underlying HTML of your page. But won't opening links in new tabs/windows keep visitors on my site? Furthermore, some visitors may not even realize that a new window was opened and hit the back-button mercilessly — without any result. In that case, users don’t want to navigate away from the cart page, so a new window is acceptable.

I've been a webmaster / designer / developer for over 5 years now, and I have never felt the need to keep users on my site. Consider making it a default option to open links which point to a different domain in a new tab. GPL 2.0.Minimal.