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How In The New IE ?


I'll start with the former (lack of features) and move on to the latter (lack of communication) later. What's the point in saying your software supports feature X if all the hardware it runs on can't support X? It just needs to give people a reason to buy iOS devices. 3299 posts | registered Jun 21, 1999 reader comments Share this story You must login or create an account The Safari and WebKit teams do, for example, participate in the standards bodies, including in person.

Apple announced some good features on the webkit, but none of them was from the official w3c standards and didn't really care about them,cause they were not so critical on my Anyways, let's get the ball rolling. It's only our expectations for the pace of new additions that has. wmil 566 days ago IE5.5 had the broken box model. no but apple makes you use iTunes They do? https://nolanlawson.com/2015/06/30/safari-is-the-new-ie/

Why Is Safari So Bad

Podcasts Contact iMore About iMore Android Central Connectedly CrackBerry iMore Windows Central Tesla Central VR Heads MrMobile Mastering the Mac How to start using Safari on Mac Mastering Safari How to Apple is doing the opposite. You don't like Apple because you don't like Apple customers.

I think Apple is attempting to move forward into a new paradigm shift of users not being reliant on a browser and URLs. As a long time Safari user, stability and performance enhancements are way more important to me than the latest quasi-standards for web-apps. It's inevitable when you have many competing implementations from companies that have different priorities. Download Internet Explorer Just saying Safari doesn't have flexbox issue when it clearly has in my case, clearly tells how ignorant.

But in both cases, if you want to use any new features that have been standardized and are supported by other browsers, you're fucked.The main difference I see is that IE6 Safari Worst Browser Where I would put it is that it's a petition for Apple to open up their development by taking a few small, clear, reasonable measures that will let us take steps Reading the debates, I sense a lot of bitterness from Apple after IndexedDB won out. recommended you read Like Safari, it opened very quickly, used little memory, and it was just there, well integrated into the OS.

It will take me a bit of time, since I'm currently abroad and about to hop on a flight back home. Safari Is The New Ie6 That said it’s not even close to being the new IE. Other ideas? MS in the late 90's dominated, and you could not do work with someone using MS products unless you also used MS products.

Safari Worst Browser

Personally, the Chrome/Google juggernaut needs to be knocked down a peg or two. It's my firm belief that we need both internal and external support for Apple to change here. Why Is Safari So Bad If so, how would that manifest? 0 1 year ago Reply rickg1 First, Google is no more a browser company than is Apple - they're an advertising company. Safari Worse Than Ie Completely agree - if we want anything to get better, the site's tone has to convey a spirit of hopeful reconciliation, with as much de-emphasis as possible on the scorn and

Dev Edition is the alpha version with some different defaults, based on the assumption that "developers" are OK with an alpha quality build that has some new features faster. The WebKit project (the rendering engine that drives Safari) has a status page that's similar to Microsoft's, however it feels lacking in its completeness. Re: (Score:2) by itsdapead ( 734413 ) writes: A better question is is Apple the new Microsoft?Nope. SarahX commented Jul 4, 2015 @andysolomon Should we all sign the letter? Internet Explorer For Mac

I think the web as platform is bigger than Apple as big as it may be. SarahX commented Jul 3, 2015 Here it is: https://gist.github.com/SarahX/ec5525291686e2b83c5b Fell free to contribute everyone....this is a community effort and everyone should input. glivera commented Jul 1, 2015 !!!!!!! We should make our voices be heard.

Text flashing… elements disappearing. Internet Explorer 11 Looks like there is a suggestion here for a better text, so I'll take a look at that and update the petition. Microsoft Edge will be the default browser in Windows 10, and the one that most consumers will use to browse the web in Microsoft’s next operating system.

scshepard commented Jul 6, 2015 A couple of thoughts: First, I'm not a Mac or ios guy.

it's a bit disingenuous to say you wrote everything to be clean and without browser hacks, if the hacks all exist but are buried under a "huge CSS framework".Your whole experience His response, as you might imagine, was not safe for work. I had heard that and forgot about it. Angostura 566 days ago WebKit and Safari aren't synonyms m1sta_ 566 days ago Chrome for ios is a wrapper for safari? Safari Indexeddb It's safari's retarded little brother.

Safari 8 is around 17%. It was pile of shit so high that Microsoft took out ads saying in so many words that its latest version "doesnt suck, honest". You realize @SarahX and I are two different people, right? 😄 no2pixel commented Jul 4, 2015 @stuartpb Yes, I do, sorry, that was in response to @SarahX. Re: (Score:3) by retchdog ( 1319261 ) writes: Well, presumably it would just resync the next time you used chrome, unless you fuck around in Chrome and/or your Google account until

and don't get me started with the whole mess that happens if you dare to use a css transform on a positioned element, which works kind of differently according to every It was a lock-in. How far is Microsoft towards retina only systems?