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Potential virus/malware infection

Word Document causing computer to switch off

Hijacked- lots of popups can't determine culpret or successfully clean

need help with adware and malware

Files gone after removing virus.

Memory Stick Virus

need help to create different hard disk volumes

Some sites/addresses blocked

Deleting User Accounts in XP

How do I block access to a specific website?

Took pc apart put it back together Need help

How to install YUM in Windows 7

Logging into a Web Page

Getting Popup Windows all the sudden.

Install Programs to Slave Drive as default

Trojan removal help for windows vista.

How to Re install windows please help

Another browser redirect

Help resolving malware issue

Change Windows Email

Google Redirect and pop ups help

Zipping video files to make it smaller to send faster

Please help. Bad viruses

WiFi Problems

VIDEO CARD specifications : how find ?

Video Card problems after help here with Trojan removal.

Another Rootkit infection

Win7 Login Hacker Installed Password App

nasty spyware infection

VERY SLOW COMPUTER - barely functional?! (w/ HijackThis)

Help me remove this virus :(

How to embed and play wmv file to Iframe with designMode=on?

Adware/Malware can't remove

Picture Manager deleting

virus removal help

XPantivirus 2008 IEexplorer on and off

Reformatted Windows 7

Ethernet Driver trouble after clean xp pro install

Alot Of Pop-ups / No Viruses Or Adware [moved from IE]

Google/Yahoo Redirect Virus - Please help!

Secure PDF

Help me: Virus or No Virus?

Facebook redirecting to a AD site.

win32 invalid application and cant open my external 2 tera hardrive (USB)

Possible virus infection/can't log-in to user

Getting rid of vista

Junk Files Record

pictures and music invisible in folders

Unable to install XP on win7 (for dual boot)

How to search on a NAS drive (XFS format)?

Malware issue?

help removing trojan and adware

several hidden pop-ups

General help installing OS

Revert to new installation status

laptop infection

popups when using browser

Move a locked folder?

dll errors

bitcoin help needed

How to launch IE with specifc window size (e.g 640 x 480)

Can you please help with slow computer.

Recovering corrupted files

Computer suffering possible maleware

Spyware problems and possible virus

How can I reformat in this situation please?

Vista Laptop Hard Drive to Vista Desktop Help needed

how to delete filterpipelineprintproc.dll

Problems Installing Video Card

Problem with Spyware

How do I remove McAfee from system? (mywebsearch?)

Cannot unistall anti-virus

Formatting Windows 7 home premium

Windows Live Messanger - unticked

PLEASE HELP Stubborn Malware

restore after system crash

Outlook 2003 pst. backup

Chain reaction and/or startup popups

Changing Keys?

Wiping Memory

Is my PC infected?

error on my pc

deleting autorun

Hooking up 2nd PC

Recover DVD space after format

How to safely and easy remove trojan downloader.win32.small.alre

I don't what my machine has or how to fix

Probably virus but cant find it

Getting on Internet

Factory reboot unable to get rid of malware?

Resetting taskbar position

can't remove virus

Slow PC & popups

Driver problems when rebuilding PC

Security type websites being blocked.

cursor issues unwanted pages pop up messages deleted before I'm finished typing

how to make font setting permanent

Virus/Malware? I need help please revised

Has my spyware totally gone?

WinXp reinstall and lost all folders on g drive

2nd Infected Computer.For Ried

Windows 7 Permanent Service Priority

Reformatting a Dell

How to make a software appear like it has never been installed on the pc before?

Installed new ram

my windows xp showing spy ware detected

Reformat Methods

scan secondary drive without risk of infection?

Task Manager cannot quickly end programs.

Foreign scripts in the Favorites Center

Help! Malware? (Second Computer)

New pc documentation.

Laptop all of a sudden running very slow due to malware

can't find server messages / removing spyware

How to apply scripts to keyboards.

How Can iI decrypt My files after reinstalling windows xp?

Problem with icons

Partitioning New Drive

When using taskkill /f /im excel.exe -Unable to kill process without confirmation msg

Uninstalled Video Driver

HELP.Infected with adware & viruses

mydietpatch has infected my computer

Toggle display between LCD/CRT

External CD / DVD set up

headphone problem!


How to block a particular site

post-malware removal multiple windows issues

Am i infected / which should i remove?

Possibly infected computer -- need a little help

When I try to extract a file

How to hide toolbars without disabling them ?

Windows files infected

Need to de-bog my PC.

Help Needed with Password Folder

Internet password

Infected computer

phmickey32.dll error?

Windows 2003 server Trojan help!

Multiple Malware Issues

Spyware/Maleware/Viruses removed. Need help Repairing.

Removing SP3

problem with msn paint

Blocking email from contact

Son put key logger on dads computer

My youtube video isn't gaining views

Bunch of Malware and pop-ups need help

Yahoo Video Call Lag

Multiboot several OS on a single HD

Unknown virus starts outlook mail when i use keyboard

Computer not running fast at all

Stopping the boot-up check

Changing position of Task Bar in Windows XP

Virus on my PC

compaq and xp corrupted files

Computer restarts after system change

Mozilla Thunderbird problem - Hope this is in the right place

Need help to remove/delete viruses

Help.My laptop is infected

formatting or re-installing

found something i need help with attached files

Encrypting folders?


How to select correct Video Driver?

Closing networking to std. xp

Cropped Windows.

Websites Redirecting

PLEASE Help with Computer Infection - Windows XP

Typing Get

Pop-ups and stuff (help if u got a min)

Need to check malware before Network help

ie32upd.exe?starts up at system startup.

Activation Problems help please

I think I still have spyware on my comp.plz help.

Virus causing problems with Microsoft Account

word 2003 going insane please help!

Registry Corrupted?

Recovery Mistake

Possible internet Malware

Malware/virus on my computer

exe. file on desk top - cannot delete

Remove Win 8

Installed codecs not being found

keep on getting redirected to ads and shopping sites help!

My machine is infected

I want to completely reboot my computer but keep my network

Building your own XP system

help: printing with 3 USB ports & multiple drivers for 1 printer

how to change one of IE settings (untick a setting in advanced tab)

strange popups

how to retain Position&Fills when converting ShapesToMasks?

Saving Favorites

How to prevent quicktime from starting

Unable to access control panel- various popups

Help: Add restriction for specific users on Win XP

Accessing BIOS

Viruses Need to get rid HELP

XP 2 drives

cant backup files with dvd burner

Possible Key Logger Threat

How to restore Vista to FS without disc?

How to remove Blue highlights over items on my desktop?

Deleting Windows 7 from secondary HD?

XP & Rewriteable Discs

Still getting pop-up when closing IE even after checking

Best Method to restore laptops

Please Help Me Remove This Virus

Help with removing dropspam toolbar

I believe this pc has some sort of virus

How to disable browser plugins and disabling security products.

Internet crashes and ad pop up?

I need help with virus problem.

Wiping a harddrive.

My Laptop Log

Result log for my parents computer

Graphic Lag?

My new selfbuilt pc goes to bios instead of starting up

How to remove WinFixer.b

unwanted virus or malware help

Pop-ups and auto-installation of programs.

win7 c drive partition

After uninstalling sp2

Alot Pops-Up

Serious Malware Issues

Help! Internet Security has captured computer

Lag Spikes/Router Issue with vista

windows wireless configuration problems

Infected w/pop-ups & computer is running slowly

Stubborn spyware

Help with a Search Engine Hijack please

Tons of Pop-ups

Trouble installing OS after format

Problems at Startup (Blue Wallpaper with Spyware notice

cam video to pc

HDD broke

Deleting Programms

how to connect 2laptop with switch

how to set maximize on new pages

ICS through wifi?

Google ad pop ups/Constant computer crashes

virus help please with safenavweb? privacyindanger? thebonsws?

hooking tv to computer

Programs are accessing something else?

Restoring hidden files after a malicious restore

Factory Restore Drive

How to remove a virtual drive?

Rebuilding after Malware

Spyware and publiciti on internet

problem spyware virus

Virus Help on Vista

How do I get rid of a icon on desk top?

scanning editable documents

Multiple webpages with unknown domain opening while browsing

Constant and Continuous pop-ups (SWS)

Please help - slow comp

Malware infections on my computer. Please help.

spyware not deleting

How to reload font

Cannot Install W7 on new Hdd

Need help with multiple viruses

I'm Keylogged

is my computer clean?

Is It Possible To Upgrade On Higher Version To Lower Version O.s

I have this WEP saved in my wireless settings.

Can't find drivers after downgrading from vista to windows xp

Malware help. Slow pc and suspected monitoring software

Help installing Windows 7 on new hdd

Could a nasty spyware cause * STOP: 0x000000B4 and not allow my computer to boot?

on start pop says i have a trojan- also csrs.exe help needed

Annoying popups.

how 2 make FF 2.0 faster

Re-formatting my PC

Help with a .dll error?

Help! How to disable startup program on taskbar?

increase the speed of pc

Need help completely deleting photos

Matroska File to show screen shot as icon like an avi file does in explorer

Had to Reinstall Windows 7. Few weird things on laptop

Spyware but not sure what it is

Malware infection - help

unstoppable pop-ups and unders did everything i could.

Removing Programs?

Remove and manage bookmarking tool

Reinstalling OS

My PC is dead slow. I think some malware or ?!

System Error Fixer

Adware/Spyware/Malware Problems

Installing RAM on WIN XP

Setting up Home group

Adware problem

Popups & Trojan Problem - Take a look!

how to undo cm

Malware Problem?

Please Help - Spyware!

Will this backup solution work?

Revert back to Vista from XP?

How to get rid of AVAsoft Antivirus Professional?

What does a Reset button with XP?

Computer is loaded with pop-ups

Beginning Complete Re-install

computer is slow virus suspected

Network Games on Windows 7

WinRar set password button "gone"?

Please Help me. Great Virus and Spyware problem

Unistalling Windows Updates

No XP Disc

Vista & XP Printer Sharing

Whole Windows folder infected

Pc infected

Possible virus on my bosses computer? please Help!

Lots of Popups every second! need help please!

constant pop-ups - CiD adverts

Having malware / trojan problems please help

Spyware issue.need help removing

Help removing Malware from my PC

by default wireless is connected

Major Spyware

Need help on possible mal-ware and clean up

Possible Spyware Problem? Please Help

Ubuntu User forgot how to do things on XP major help needed LoL

add/remove software dark spot

ads revenue pop-ups help plz

How to downgrade my Win7 to xp pro

Duplicate desktop malware infection

Windows 7 laptop infected with Virus 10

Saving internet search history?

Wireless Connection Issue

How do I disinfect my computer?

cannot open more than one folders

IE Process

IE Links Bar re-arranges items

How to block the internet?

UKash virus help please.

redirected by google search

Windows shortcuts wont open while in a fullscreen application

Need Help removing spyware/virus!

vista uninstall

Need help getting rid of Virus/spyware

How to remove rectangle from my desktop wallpaper

IE keeps POPPING up! like popups

possible trojan or virus - cannot install applications

constant Window Popups

Antivirus toolbar and webpage uninvited pop ups

How to turn off Advanced Text Services in Vista?

Need help! Malware infection

spyware/malware help. I did First Steps

vista format

Computer Backup

I just want my computer to run faster

Can't figure out how to update this vid card driver

email BCC to show recipients

Keep getting pop-ups on windows vista

realsearch.cc removal. Any

Restoring factory defauts.

Building new PC.have XP Home

Opening webpage

HELP PLZ - Some windows are hiding information!

How to remove trojan dyfica.AO from my XP

Popups! I don't even use IE!

Cant get rid of all spyware

can operating systems be put on different partitions of the same drive?

Pop-up Ads

.dll problems

Not sure if I think I have a virus. I'm having weird problems?

Suspected keylogger

burning a disk

saving my favorites

Suspected Virus on my machine.

Anti-Virus deleted lots of files - cannot start PC

How to locate a program appearing all in the "uninstall" list


Problem with unwanted popups and malware

Need lots of help. system infected

log into webmail and always get done

G.O.D Saikoboy Virus infected-Need Help !

Can't load XP on to a new volume/partition

how i add one more hard drive

Microsoft XP SP3 reformatting help

Windows XP Ram Problem

spammers take over/ mass mailing

Is my pc (finally) clean?

Really serious keylogger problem

please help me remove these viruses from my laptop!

Virtuamonde(?)infection on someone else's PC

Asus Netbook infected

Keylogger problems!

Adobe Master Collection won't Uninstall

Facing some serious Problems by spywares

Having some spyware problems.

Ight i need some help

MS Publisher will not let me print more than 10 pages

Need Help Downloading + Applying New Theme

I might just cry.

my flatscreen dell monitor

Can't get rid of this virus (error cleaner

Malware defense/iexplore trojan/some kind of virus still in system.

how to restore Acer aspire 1640Z

pest trap.has trapped me. help me.

Support with finding the right drivers

Suspected Virus - AVG Not Working

Possible Hijack? You tell me!

leftover user from previous install cause of network sharing problem?

uninstalling unbuntu & reinstall Vista

Need help with viruses

Popup Problems

Streaming videos is very slow.

Problem w/ Pop-ups

how to put password to my folders

Change language in IE 6

remove XP

How to restore system if I do not have the Windows XP Cds?

Suspected Malware on laptop

full system restore

Is my laptop cleared of viruses now?

A question regarding limiting internet

[resolved]Install my new HD

How to use a killdisk

virus runing in backround(i think it's over)

How can I get port 7001 listening ?

Possible ADware Rotation infection

Humour me; can I get around port blocking with out unblocking the ports?

Homepage was hijacked and still having popups

Burnin Mad. Rather be burning CD's

Cannot delete 4 non existing removable disk icons in "My Computer" folder?

How to change clock from 24-hour to 12-hour format?

Infected by Bubefiya.dll & other malwares Pls help

How to remove keylogger?

My Computer Keeps Popping Up

Key on keyboard won't work

Access Denied to Memory.dmp file

Please help with malware issues!

Windows 7 is completely in chinese

Windows Firewall is turned off in win7

Unable to re-install Windows XP

Virus on my XP that I can't find

Ps/2 - Help

cd wont install

How to log in many sites on computer?

How to Recover Mozilla History?

Removal of Vista

Search Engines redirecting to sites I did not want.NEED HELP NOW!

Head phone dont work right

Corrupted data is being copied from DVD

help burning a bootable cd

vroom search has taken over my home page

Enlarged Font On Certain windows

Connecting my PC to a HDTV.

Dell deleted all docs on my hard disk ! HELP !

please help. had system check virus

Access HD when Locked Out Because of WPA

Removing predictive passwords

Need to get rid of a Virus.

Hiding files ( windows xp )

prevent setup any program

How to remove Trojan "BackDoor-DKI!mem"?

5 step process results - DOWNLOADER Trojan identified

How to Transfer Videos/Music and Picture From iPad to PC and PC to iPad

HOW TO: Re-Format a Computer from scratch

How to detect auto uploads in win 7

Problem with pop-ups

Please4 Help! Google redirects!

Help.my laptop is running slow and I think my computer has a virus (or 2).

Booting a cd off of a hard drive.

OS installed twice.!

Sluggish System Suspect adware

Corrupt icons?

ghost modem found

Advance: Finding Hacks on someones computer.

Problem Hibernating

Help: I have been hijacked by MyWebsearch

Rootkit interfering with SP3 install?

How to Recover Disk Drive?

Need a help with retrieving the Microsoft outlook settings

Enlarging browser window upon opening

slow streeming on dsl

Windows 8 HDD Partitions

Site redirects auto. to youtube

.dll problem

How to bypass log in

Scanner Installation

Problem with unwanted ads

Computer running crappy

Recover without a cd

Trojan and constant popups

Problem with Virus / Malware removal

How to reinstall XP without original disk

2 computers

How Do I remove a virus?

Web Site Addresses Wont Go Away

No internet after getting rid of Win 7 Home security

USB Power during sleep

firewall disabled

Computer at school very badly infected.

Malware on my system[moved from xp]

Odd messages. Already cleanaed of Malware.

Mom's computer suspiciously slow

How to Tell OS from HDD

Print to file in Excel

Virus/Spyware/Malware taking over my PC

PC Illiterate Needs Help - Deckard Scan Results

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