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Lili When i go into the windows task manager, the wuauclt.exe comes up not under a system username, but my log in name. So don't turn it back on just go get XP SP3 manualy. Kisara The official issue of the ‘wuauclt.exe’ file is issued by Microsoft Corporation and runs the Windows Update AutoUpdate Client program. Wibisono Sastrodiwiryo its good matt ive had this problem since 1 month ago, whenever i play d2x or warcraft3 for a few minutes, the computer gets a complete hang.

BobC. I began to see this problem a lot as I was setting up brand new Windows XP SP3 installations under virtual machine software, whether that software was VirtualBox, Parallels, Virtual PC, The true wuauclt.exe file is a safe Microsoft Windows system process, called "Windows Update Automatic Updates". As there are a pile of large patches available from Microsoft (depending on your specific OS and peripherals), the AutoUpdate program often does tend to monopolize the Internet connection and processor. http://www.neuber.com/taskmanager/process/wuauclt.exe.html

I don't like it, removed it. This happened to me, and a couple of friends. However, certain virii mask themselves as this file, so be warned, that if it's not found in \%WINROOT%\System32, it's a virus and should be deleted. MS or not - it is a major problem for me so I used TUT to shut it down and left updates off.

It should only show on task manager if you have auto update turned on. When you view the Task Manager, it should say "SYSTEM" for user name. Anon It starts when you go to the TRUE Windows Update page. See also: Link Shawn There are two in my XP SP1 system32 folder, both for automatically updating windows.

At the time of this writing, MS13-097/KB 2898785 seems to be the magic bullet for most situations. ProLine [FIN] It makes my laptop go extremely slow and can't be deleted. The wuauclt.exe file is not a Windows system file. Clicking Here This process is NOT a virus or a trojan or spyware.

EVERY other program that becomes a server on your system is spyware. This must be a microsoft SP2 problem. I don't and wouldn't trust it. You’ll be auto redirected in 1 second.

Xabora this is an authentic windows update file that acts crazy. https://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc708617(v=ws.10).aspx now it does not show up in taskman... I would delete local file & extract/reload originals from XPSP1 CD then do a MS Win update online See also: Link V-Hunter/Extractor/Collector Auto update file. Megaflops Argentina It is definately for windows update and comes with SP2 but why does it run when you have auto updates disabled?

I also have wuauclt1.exe in the same locations. That I am still working on. I opened a site and all my browser windows gave me a crital error and shut down, both ie6 and firefox at the same site cadamars.com. The user can proceed to Control Panel and open Automatic Updates in order to access the set of update options provided by this MS Windows utility.We strongly recommend that you run

It is not adware, people! Specifically this will interface with the Microsoft Update website to identify the current status of your PCs Windows OS and peripherals as well as maintaining a history log. On one of the computers with the new Automatic Update client installed, run the following command at the command prompt: wuauclt.exe /detectnow Resetauthorization Option WSUS uses a cookie on client computers Likely we have been experiencing this issue for a long time and simply chalked it up to Windows Updates being slow in general.

wiser Cut & Paste the URL into your browser manually since SARC does not allow external website hot-linking to their resources- sorry didn't see that coming until I tested the URL Several opinions on the web say it is POSSIBLE if it is malware, especially if you find more than one copy of it. but only in task manager.


First, if you are doing clean installs of Windows XP SP3 then install the IE 6 patch right away and save yourself a lot of time before running the initial rounds Later, however, it appeared that this fix no longer worked. MakeMineMacAgain! Wuauclt.exe file egenskaber ÂżNecesito wuauclt.exe archivo?

I noticed this as a new active process. But then I found out that there was another wuauclt.exe-file in the system32-directory, called wuauclt1.exe. Do you have additional information? It can also be present in C:\WINDOWS\Prefetch and in C:\WINDOWS\System32\dllcache as well as the above mentioned directories.

This way you can clone the installs without needing to go through the Windows installation and update cycle over and over again. wuauclt.exe and wuauclt1.exe when I tried to delete them, I got a message that they were part of MS operating system and needed to insert my WinXP cd to restore them It also says to only run manual updates. i use winxp-sp2 and i have wuauclt.exe and wuauclt1.exe in my windows/system32/ folder.

The system returned: (22) Invalid argument The remote host or network may be down. Onko wuauclt.exe turvallinen tiedosto? Omnivorous i do not know what it is, but i tried ending it and it would just restart. Almost impossible to remove.Can be a part of a WIN XP SP2, in that case - MS to blame.

Dean Seems to screw up any graphically intensive games. This process continuously checks for the latest updates by going online. WUAUCLT.EXE399A8E72.pf is in Prefetch (23KB, modified today), and another wuauclt.exe in ServicePackFiles\i386 (137KB, modified in August '02). LVLT-ORG-209-84 oddd that it would be connecting to those ips, and not microsoft's netblock?

Also there are many browser helpers you use with software IE. Chris Pherson I had windows update turned off but this process was running. Suggestion: delete it and rename it right away to -- wuauclt.exe Then it won't appear again (terminated). Veepee I'm using Windows XP MCE SP2.

If enabled and running, dawg slow. If you dont wanna restart, change your settings to be 'never download updates' and then end the process and it will go away. I will work on this and get back to yall BUFFY It is a legit Windows Auto Update Client. And using my internet connection in the background! (this stops when I stop the service).

Goran this is not supposed to be in Windows XP at all, it is the WinME Windows update.