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Signficantly slowed computer/HELP

Slowed overall performence due to spyware

slow computer virus found

Slow computer-no apparent reason

computer running slower than ever

Slowdown computer but no detection

Multiple Viruses plus overall computer slow down

Fast help required! Bad file/virus is blocking computer abilities.

slow system for no reason?

Hijack log file help needed - Computer running too slow. Startup is painful.

Computer acting VERY SLOW

Computer Running Slow and Lagging! Help Needed!

My Super Slow PC

PC is slow.Internet is slow.and a VIRUS that can't go away.HELP PLIZ!

Computer skips and slows down[moved from xp]

computer still extremely slow

Computer running slow/ redirects etc.

Computer SUPER slow.

system slowdown

computer's been a little slow lately.

Programs Crashing and Excessivly SLOW Computer!

Problem: Computer speed is slower than normal

Have some kind of Virus that slows down my Laptop.

Slow running PC Virus?

Please Help - Computer Running VERY Slow

Cpu all over the place- something bogging my system!

Slow Comp. Think Its A Virus

need some help - computer running very slow

Possible Spyware Issue (Computer slow

Computer running very slow! Plz helpwith hjt log.

Slow computer may be attibuted to windows - Help

Computer slowed down terribly and has a mind of its own

PC Slow. Can't delete. Can't run programs. Can't do Panda scan.

Computer not acting right and browser slow

Slow Computer. Log posted

Please Help! Computer is extremely slow!

Very slow computer + other problems

Computer Running Sluggish pt-1

Slow computer / Other stuff

Lots - Slow computer

Computer running VERY slow HELP!

Hijack this - Can someone review Computer running slower than norm

super slow computer

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