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Freezing/Locking up Randomly.

recently computer starting to freeze at start up

Freeze after start-up!

Comp freezes

Pc freezing at start up and no boot menu

Constant system freezing

Windows Freezing issues

PC continues to keep on freezing!

Need Help Computer Freezes upon Boot Up

Hangs when booting

PC buzzing & freezing while playing Audio/video

Computer Freezes

Screensaver Freezing PC

PC freezing randomly

Laptop crashes whn streaming certain video

Computer freezes on startup

PC freezing up during games

Freeze's on startup

Boot Freeze

After Installing Programs Pages Freeze

freeze up issue

Computer freezes once started

system totally freezing !

System Randomly Freezes

Computer freezeson bootup

Windows freezes

Constant freezing

screen freezing and having to reboot

my computer freezes

computer froze after start up

Computer freezeing!

Frequent freezes - how to troubleshoot

Choppy Sound and freezes

Freeze/hang problem.

Vista freezes when left idle; didn't before now

Freezing issues

Computer freezing on desktop after startup

My Computer locks up or reboots at random

PC freezes on boot

Computer Freezing at Startup- Vundo Infection?

Computer freezes & scans won't complete

Computer freezes for 5 seconds every minute

Hangs at boot

computer randon computer lockups

toshiba netbook - internet web page glitching

Computer Freezes. Help

Computer freezes except for mouse

Software freezing

PC Hangs now and then

Laptop freezes regularly

Newbie at Computer. Comp crashes during shut down and

Computer Freezes Soon After Startup

Freezing problem while watching videos

XP crashes when connecting IPOD or Camera to USB

System locks up

My computer is freezing and i have two other issues

Restarts and / freezes

Random BSOD and computer freezes

Computer freezing up.

Computer freezing and randomly shutting off

Computer Freezes on boot.

Vista notebook crash after idle

Computer freezes up.

Sometimes My Pc Hangs for a while

My PC is continuously freezing

Computer freezes after startup

PC hangs on boot.

Constant freezes / hangs

Computer Freezes after jagged blue lines appear

Computer freezing

PC Freezes Upon Startup

Getting random crashes + screeching feedback through headphones

Help! pc hangs for 2 mins at startup showin 0% usage

computer lockup

PC Hangs With Jarring Noise

Computer freezes acts stupid

System Freezes

Computer is freezing

All Videos Freeze Computer

Help with Freezing Issue (not responding)

Freezing PC on Start-Up

Random computer problems - please help.

Windows is freezing up

Computer freezes while browsing the web

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